What does it mean to “hold the light”? You may have heard this phrase before and thought how does one practically do such a thing? What effort must one take? Often times when we want to be a “good” person who serves humanity we think there is some action that we must take, but holding the light is more about the vibration you have inside then it is about any external actions.

You have a portion of light you were born with and that light really is all you will ever need and it is the source of all your true creations. This light emanates from your true self, which is light by its very nature, so to “Hold the light” really means to be yourself. Your True true.

And what are we but extensions of Light masquerading as “people”?

Anytime you remember your connection with the Divine you radiate light, so to hold the light is really to maintain our own connection. Never doubt the power in you to create change simply by maintaining your connection to the source of who you are, and what a great power it is. Light contains intelligence and information and all protentional of expression, and this light we have and are.

Trust your path.

Have faith in yourself.

Living your highest ideal.

Love yourself, all of yourself.

This is what it means to hold the light.

Imagine if you will millions of people across the globe remaining in balance in the presence of turmoil, chaos, conflict and prejudice. Millions of people grounded and steady…like anchors tethering heaven to the Earth, this is what it means to hold the light. It is to hold in your mind and in the heart the highest ideal and outcome of any situation for all involved. That is why you and I are here, to anchor a balanced vibration on a consistent level thereby affecting planetary change by the very nature of our resonance.

Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be an activist or fight the good fight or stand up for what is right and just as you see it, but the true fight is and has always been within first, as the outer world is just a reflection of our collective internal drama. When we bring light to that drama change comes from the inside out.

You want to change the world? Start by changing yourself and recognizing that you are light first and start to work and play with that frequency. And it’s not hard…anytime you are in  joy you are actively beaming your light. Anytime you are in love or expressing forgiveness or non-judgment you are beaming your light. Any time you are creating and are so passionate about it that you lose track of time in your enthusiasm and excitement…you are expressing that light. Light is what we are and what we would see in each other if there were none of our projections in the way.

Remaining in balance with your own personal truth is enough to match the frequency of the ascending planet and directly affect the collective transformation of humanity.

So…in the face of disasters and political turmoil and daily dramas and strife we can stop and remember who we are and hold to the sacred inside of us if just for few moments each day, you may be surprised at the effects, light is contagious!

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