Sometimes oneness happens, or we could say connection happens. There are times when we have the grace to feel that not only is everything connected to us but we are connected to everything. This feeling can be fleeting, and our awareness of it may last only a few moments…but it is always there, underneath the surface of our projections and worries and fears. Underneath all those layers of perceived separation the truth abides, we are one with all things.

When we allow ourselves to feel that connection the world makes senses, we are not alone and never have been, and all things are working together in a harmonious creative flow that we are part of. It is a blessing to feel this oneness, this connection, and most spiritual disciplines are just ways to help us remember and reconnect with this one basic truth.

There are ways that we in our daily lives can open to this realization even more, like through the silence of mediation where we can forget to reinforce how everything is separate and problematic and just allow the oneness to come flooding in. When the chatter of our minds stop the truth has a place to come forward.

Likewise spending time in nature reminds us of the truth.  In nature, the disharmony of our man made world gives way to the recognition of the natural flow of creation and reminds us that all things work together and each thing supports the other. We remember that we are part of a whole and that that whole loves all things and is indeed composed of just love.

The feeling of oneness is edifying like nothing else, and all other things are a shadow of this one reality. There is only one thing and we are all part of it. Just let that feeling wash over you for a few moments today and forget all the opposites in your life, like male and female, black and white, Republican and Democrat, right and wrong, good and bad etc…just let it all go and allow the feeling of your own connection to grow.

At first this feeling may be small, just in the center of your chest somewhere but as you allow through breathing and attention this feeling of oneness will grow and expand in your chest, then in your body, then in your aura and beyond. With each breath gently letting go of all the concepts and definitions and judgments.

Seek out a little oneness today, it happens.

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